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Polkadot PR – Sydney’s No. 1 Boutique PR Agency

Good public relations is one of the biggest factors that contribute to a business’ success. A company can offer the best products or services in the market, but can still fail to build a customer base simply because its offerings do not reach its target audience. At Polkadot PR, we ensure your success not only by employing specialised PR methods, but also by working toward your success as if we are a part of your company.

We specialise in PR within a number of sectors including beauty, fashion, travel, home, professional services, lifestyle, food and beverage. We work with clients who seek intelligent strategies and clever publicity to capture market share for their brands, products and services. We’re a food PR Agency, a fashion and lifestyle PR Agency, a lifestyle PR Agency, a beauty PR Agency, and an all-around consumer PR Agency in Sydney. Polkadot PR is a PR Company based in the Sydney area that has the right contacts and the right strategies to obtain superior press coverage in a variety of sectors.

Our services include publicity, strategy, social media, media relations, stunts and photo calls, event management, marketing, sponsorship, copywriting, celebrity seeding, photography and advertising.

We look after our clients and their interests, a commitment we uphold while providing excellent customer service that is tailor-made to meet each client’s PR needs. This approach has allowed us to successfully retain and build a good relationship with our clients, many of which have worked with us since our company’s establishment. Very few PR Companies in Sydney can claim that!

Tactical PR campaigns do not happen overnight. Strategic planning and research will become the foundation for a great PR campaign so that every dollar you spend has a return on investment, whether we’re promoting a brand, product or service. Public Relations Companies all claim one thing: press coverage, but not all are able to achieve this. As a leading Boutique PR Companies in Sydney, our track record indicates that we have a high success rate with our pitches, turning creative concepts into PR results that make our clients’ money.

Through our various measuring tools and our specialised public relations techniques, we are able to quantify and qualify the press coverage achieved so that our clients can see a return on investment for their marketing dollar.

With a team who has worked in both PR and journalism, we have been able to sit on both sides of the fence knowing exactly what journalists need to secure great press coverage, no matter what the industry.

At Polkadot PR, we have a very distinct culture. Compared to other PR companies, working with a new client is, for us, comparable to working with family and having us join their team. We establish more than the standard client-agency relationship; we consider all our clients as partners who we can share important business concepts with, and remain in constant communication as we work together to yield the greatest results. If your company or business needs friendly and trustworthy PR Agency, then you’ve come to the right place.

As a Boutique Public Relations Agency in Sydney working with a variety of companies in different industries, a big part of our business entails establishing reliable relationships with our clients. We make sure that they can always depend on us to deliver excellent results to help their business flourish.

If you are looking for a PR Agency in Sydney, please get in touch with us to see if we may be able to help.

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