PR Publicity

Publicity is the core of a good PR Campaign. As a Public Relations Agency we need to ensure that we are constantly presenting the news to the media in a creative and interesting way. A lazy PR Agency would wait for the news to present itself. But at Polkadot PR, we’re the type of Public Relations Agency that proactively pitches stories to media all the time. By generating publicity, your brand’s credibility increases and audiences can learn more about your company through key messaging, strategic outreach and editorial coverage. As a PR Agency, it’s our job to generate and manage publicity for our client’s brands and businesses to effectively communicate their messages through various media channels.

Public Relations Strategy

Media strategy sets the foundation for an integrated, well-timed and well-planned PR campaign. By combining multiple media channels including advertising, public relations, event management and social media, Polkadot PR will create a PR strategy that’s tailor-made to meet your objectives and ensure maximum impact and results. It’s our job as your PR Agency to facilitate all angles of your strategy and work with our clients to meet these objectives.

No two PR campaigns will be the same, and it’s the public relations agencies’ job to strategically map out your campaign tactics to promote your brand. With the digital landscape changing at such a rapid rate, multiple media channels are critical for a long term, ongoing, effective and strategic PR campaign.

Media Relations

When it comes to working with a PR Agency, proactive management of media relations is an essential ingredient. It’s the Public Relations Agency’s job to run a proactive press office which sets the foundation of your campaign. As the conduit between the client and the media, Polkadot PR has fostered long term and tight relationships with journalists who provide free editorial for our clients. A PR Agency’s job is to generate news stories, product trials, and respond swiftly to media relations requests to lock in that all important press coverage. At Polkadot PR we feel that we’re one of the best Public Relations Agency in Sydney, Australia that maintains fast response times and turns creative concepts into PR results.

Stunts & Photo Calls

Big bang photo opportunities that interact creatively with the end consumer is going to instantly communicate with the general public and is a PR Agency tactic that is frequently used in any good PR campaign. Polkadot PR has been known in the Sydney public relations industry as the leaders in creating captivating, thought provoking and media friendly stunts that not only draw a crowd but yield coverage for our clients. Polkadot PR comes up with out-of-the-box photo and stunt concepts that creatively communicate to the end consumer, either by driving traffic online or in store, which leads to sales.

Events Management & PR Events

Any good PR Agency will have an events arm to their business, and Polkadot PR is no exception. Sit back, have a cocktail, and let the Polkadot PR events management team take over. A creative PR event could include product launches, openings or a press conference, where all the elements are covered; invitation with a call to action, good food, music, atmosphere and location with a lengthy guest list filled with media, celebrities and taste makers. Event management is all about product launches and openings that will champion your brand and drive consumer footfall and sales.

Social Media PR Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Four Square, Blogging – any great PR Agency will factor a social media strategy into a PR campaign that will speak to a variety of audiences on a variety of different platforms. Polkadot PR will establish a PR strategy that is socially friendly, to ensure that your hashtag has traction. As a Public Relations Agency, it’s our responsibility to create PR concepts that work on multiple platforms. By strategically communicating to the online audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Four Square and blogs, Polkadot PR can capture an audience and build an online community that advocates your brand. Whether it’s ‘checking in’, ‘tweeting’, providing reviews, competitions, or applications, Polkadot PR’s social media team will strategise the best online communication tool for your target audience that keeps them hooked and coming back for more.

Public Relations Marketing

All good PR Campaigns run by a great Public Relations Agency includes some strategic Public Relations Marketing. Joint venture marketing, collateral compilation and brand alignment that help to grow your network is an important element to any good PR marketing campaign. By sharing content with like-minded brands in your industry, Polkadot PR is a specialist Public Relations Agency that assists our clients to expand and acquire new customers through strategic associations and alignments.


Sponsorship can come in a variety of different forms; in kind or monetary options allow your business to reach out directly to your market. As a PR Agency, we research sponsorship opportunities for our clients to market to a variety of new audiences. By promoting our client’s brands, we want customers to experience the brand through sampling activities be it goodie bag inserts, table displays, or naming rights.

Often seen as a win/win situation, it’s up to Polkadot PR as a specialist Public Relations Agency to ensure we leverage the brand’s association with any event or opportunity which they choose to sponsor. By ensuring the activity supports the brand’s goals and communicates with the same audience, it’s up to the PR Agency to ensure you get as much bang for your buck as possible.

PR Copywriting

As wordsmiths in a PR Agency, we’re writing all day; from media relations, brochures, speech writing, pitches and interview responses. A PR Agency’s job is to prepare carefully crafted copy that jumps off the page and communicates your message. This includes your core media kit including succinct press releases (that don’t get thrown out!) which sum up the story for busy journalists and assist with our story sell in.

Celebrity Seeding

Forget expensive endorsement deals, our Public Relations Agency is able to leverage the association with celebrities through brand interaction and alignment. By seeding your product to core celebrities that your target market is heavily influenced by, Polkadot PR gets your product in the right hands. It’s the Public Relations Agency’s job to secure press coverage AND generate word of mouth, and working with highly networked celebrities we are able to do this for all of our clients.

Public Relations Photography

Styled and flat lay shots that demonstrate your brand visually can be the difference between a good PR campaign and a great PR campaign. A picture can tell a thousand words, and sell thousands of newspapers! Strong campaign photography is core to a media kit and it’s the PR Agency’s job to ensure we have all the right assets prior to starting a PR campaign, so that we’re fully equipped to pitch to the media. Polkadot PR photographer will work with our clients to create images that will sell in a story, capture the media’s attention, and be used in your company’s photo library.

Above The Line Advertising

Our job as a Public Relations Agency goes far beyond pitching stories and writing media releases. A PR Agency can coordinate banners, print and online options to communicate your message. Even though we’re the masters in below the line media, we do advocate for above the line advertising. This can include print, online, TV, radio or social media ad spend, and our media buyers will create a strategic media buying plan with affordable rates to consider.

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