Niji Restaurant & Bar

Niji Restaurant & Bar

Set in the heart of Double Bay, Niji Restaurant & Bar opened its doors with an array of fusion Japanese cuisine and decadent cocktails. Handcrafted culinary dishes blend a contemporary Japanese menu infused with traditional Japanese Izakaya dishes and Western ingredients to produce a modern taste. Polkadot PR organised an exclusive launch event for media and local businesses, arranged one-to-one media review meals and worked with Niji to host events such as Sake Tasting and Sushi Making classes.

How we connected the dots

  • Polkadot PR introduced media to Niji Restaurant & Bar with a big bang launch event showcasing the delicious sushi and cocktails alongside a live carving of an ice-sculpture and traditional sake
  • Invited key target media to enjoy the Niji Restaurant & Bar experience with intimate meals and followed up to confirm reviews
  • Launched Niji Restaurant & Bar on Instagram and Facebook to increase followers/fans and spread viral word of mouth. Polkadot PR ensured both channels remained active through regular posting and competitions
  • Polkadot PR placed recipes from both the chefs and mixologists with target online media with links back to the Niji Restaurant & Bar website
  • Polkadot PR and Niji Restaurant & Bar hosted various events to continually provide fresh content for media


  • Niji Restaurant & Bar has featured across influential media including ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, ‘Wentworth Courier’, ‘Yahoo! Lifestyle’ and ‘North Shore Times’
  • Pieces of coverage achieved to date – 45

Due to copyright laws, we are only able to display limited press coverage online. Please get in touch with us if you would like to see more examples.

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